write a case analysis

you have to read the attached case and answer the 3 questions asked. each question has to be answered in about 500 words.the instructions are as follow

Case 4: hummel

1. Which business-level strategy is hummel pursuing? Explain how its value chain is arranged to support this business-level strategy.

2. Is hummel’s business-level strategy appropriate, given the market in which it operates?

3. Should hummel choose a different business-level strategy or, if not, which specific things should hummel do to improve implementation of its current business-level strategy?


As a rule of thumb, an adequately intense answer to each question contains 250 to 500 words; if it bounds up toward 1000 words per question, it needs editing. Each answer must be based on the concepts addressed in the relevant chapter and be supported by the facts presented in the case. I’m not asking for your opinion. Provide real analysis. If you are not using the concepts and the case facts to answer the questions, then you are doing it wrong